Sunday Morning Class  |  Fall TERM


“The Church of Christ in the 21st Century” – Auditorium & Streamed Online

Various Men of the Congregation

Our 13 week study will take us to the ultimate authority, the Bible, and will hold up the example of the first century church as our guideline for the church today. We’ll examine its mission, its leadership, its service, and its worship. Not only will this study point out the patterns of the original, but it will help us discover the true meanings behind God's plan for His church. Your life will be transformed when you are able to get beyond going to church and can start being the church of the 21st century.

“Marriage Enrichment Class” – Annex B, Rooms 4-5

Daren & Gaye Franks, Robert & Lori Scogin

We will continue with the second half of the book, Wisdom for Your Marriage, by Trey & Lea Morgan. We will discuss viewing our marriage through the wisdom of proverbs.

college &

Young Adults

"Called” - Annex B, Room 2

Guy Stover 

For the next 13 weeks we will be studying the lives of men and women in the Bible that were called by God. We will look at the difficult choices they made in order to follow God as well as the rewards and hardships of obeying the call.

jr & sr high

“Parables of Jesus” - Annex B, Room 10

Mark Waltenbaugh & Trey Thompson


During this Quarter our children will be studying the time period of the divided king.

  • Toddler Class 18 months to 35 months. – Main Building, Toddler Room

  • Nancy Stover, Karen Vordenbaum, & Kristin Lively


  • 3 year old – Kindergarten – Main Building, Room 7

  • Joe & Patricia Martinez


  • 1st – 2nd grade – Main Building, Room 10

  • Gary & Kim Topping


  • 3rd -5th grade – Annex B, Room 2B

  • Ana & Kathy Rinehart